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Eddie Vedder: setlist do show em Inglewood, California - 25/02/2022



1. Drive (cover R.E.M)

2. Room at The Top (cover Tom Petty)

3. Long Way

4. Invincible

5. The Dark

6. Brother The Cloud

7. Tender Mercies

8. The Haves

9. I'm One (cover THE WHO)

10. Mrs. Mills

11. Wishlist

12. My Father's Daughter

13. Try

14. Rose of Jericho

15. Fallout Today

16. Betterman

Encore Break

17. Baby Don't You Do It (cover Marvin Gaye)

18. The Waiting (cover Tom Petty)

19. Isn't it a Pity (cover George Harrison)

20. Dirty Frank

21. Porch

22. Message in a Bottle (cover THE POLICE)

23. Rockin' in The Free World (cover Neil Young)

(foto do show em Inglewood, California)


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