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Pearl Jam: 2º show turnê americana, Seattle - 10/08/18


Pearl Jam


1. Oceans

2. Footsteps

3. Nothingman

4. Why Go

5. Brain of J.

6. Corduroy

7. Rats

8. In Hiding

9. Whipping

10. Even Flow

11. Missing (cover CHRIS CORNELL)

12. Daughter

13. Immortality

14. I'm Open

15. Unthought Known

16. Can't Deny Me

17. Do The Evolution

18. Lukin

19. Porch

Encore Break

20. I Won't Back Down (cover TOM PETTY)

21. Thin Air

22. All or None

23. Betterman

24. Crown of Thorns (cover MOTHER LOVE BONE)

25. Kick Out The Jams (cover MC5)

26. Spin The Black Circle

27. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2

28. Crazy Mary (cover VICTORIA WILLIAMS)

29. Jeremy

30. Leash

31. Search and Destroy (cover STOOGES)

32. Sonic Reducer (cover DEAD BOYS)

33. Alive

34. Baba O'Riley (cover THE WHO)

35. Yellow Ledbetter

As canções "Search and Destroy" e "Sonic Reducer" tiveram a participação de Mark Arm e Steve Turner (vocalista e guitarrista do MUDHONEY) e Kim Thayil (guitarrista do SOUNDGARDEN). Foi a 1ª apresentação de Thayil em Seattle, desde o falecimento de Chris Cornell em Maio/2017.

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